Shake and bake meth recipe more prevalent

August 25th, 2009 | by admin | 12,858 views — Methamphetamine cookers have concocted a new way to make the drug and Gibson County Prosecutor Rob Krieg is asking merchants to help restrict access to items used in the process.

Krieg sent a letter this week asking retailers to consider putting “instant cold packs,” used to treat sprained ankles and other injuries, behind store counters and monitor them more closely.

The packs contain ammonium nitrate, which can be used in the “shake and bake” method of making meth, Krieg said.

In the past, meth makers have typically used anhydrous ammonia to manufacture the drug. However, police have been monitoring locations where anhydrous is stored.

Also, the strong smell that emanates from anhydrous often leads police to the scene of meth-making operations, Krieg said.

The “shake and bake” method can be dangerous, but is quicker and doesn’t produce the chemical smell found with anhydrous-based meth production, said Krieg.

“Shake and bake” meth labs also pose safety issues, because the chemical reactions can explode or cause fires, Krieg said.

Anyone with information about suspected meth-making activity is asked to call the Indiana State Police at 1-800-453-4756, the Gibson County Sheriff’s Dept. at 385-3496, or the Princeton Police Dept. drug hotline at 385-3900.

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