Exodar Graveyard Location (Maps design dan Secret Guide)

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Hallowed Be Thy Name Guide – Multibox in World of Warcraft and Beyond Exodar Graveyard!

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/thumb/e/e3/WorldMap-TheExodar.jpg/300px-WorldMap-TheExodar.jpga group, enter the northern instance (Exodar Graveyard) and find the pumpkin. Turn in The Headless Horseman and get Call the Headless Horseman. When you’re ready, turn in Call the Headless Horseman. He has a chance to drop the Hallowed Helm and Sinister. Take the boat to Azuremyst and enter the Exodar Graveyard. Find the Candy Bucket at the inn. Travel to Azure Watch and use the Candy Bucket at the Inn. Return to the Exodar Graveyard and fly to Blood Watch. Use the Candy Bucket there Exodar Graveyard.

barbara_hambly: Connie Martinson Talks BooksYou may just drop into the sea, or you may get sent back to the Auberdine Exodar Graveyard (alive, I think). You have to go to the Exodar to learn jewelcrafting on the Alliance side, if you want that tradeskill. I don’t think there’s much else in Exodar Graveyard.
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