GOP Blocks One-Year Unemployment Extension

December 1st, 2010 | by admin | 1,383 views

On Tuesday afternoon, Democrats called on the Senate to pass the Unemployment Insurance Stabilization Act beneath the expedited unanimous consent procedure. As anticipated, Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA], acting on behalf of all Republicans, objected and can force a full-fledged debate on the issue which will most likely very last several weeks and be rolled together with unrelated tax concerns. Federal unemployment benefits expire these days for hundreds of thousands of long-term unemployed workers.

The bill Democrats tried to move today would extend federal unemployment benefits right up until January 3, 2012. Due to the fact its fees (approx. $54 billion) aren’t offset, there was in no way much of a chance that the Republicans would enable the bill to undergo so easily. Republicans have repeatedly mentioned they need to shell out for unemployment benefits with corresponding paying cuts (one thing that is by no means been carried out) prior to they’ll vote for it, and because the Democrats don’t have a filibuster-proof majority they have a god deal of leverage for enforcing their position.

Immediately after objecting to unanimous consent, Sen. Brown turned the table and called for unanimous-consent passage of a one-year unemployment extension that is fully paid for by rescinding unspent non-security appropriations. Democrats objected.

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